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The Little Black Dress, directed by Christopher Bond,  is anything but your ordinary source of entertainment. This musical will have you falling off your seat with laughter one second and making sure no one catches your sad puppy eyes the next. Little Black Dress embarks us on a journey of two best friends, who, with the help of their little black dresses are able to survive life’s toughest moments, with astonishing grace.  Although this musical might sound traditional at first, I assure you that it is not.

The Cast of Little Black Dress

Imagine a balloon full of pink confetti exploding in your face unexpectedly, that is what this show is. This captivating musical beautifully incorporates sexuality, humor, cultural engagement and audience interaction throughout the entire performance. They are great at assimilating unscripted improv in conjunction with the audience to keep everyone engaged at all times. The two-hour-long musical is carried out by four fascinating actors who adopt numerous characters throughout the show and blow us away at every scene. They are great at continuously reminding us of the symbolic connections and power that a simple black dress has on every woman or man. This musical is suited for any and all adult, it is a fun girl’s night out or perhaps just a one-person self-date. Make sure to check it out from now until December 15th, at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City CA.

The Cast of Little Black Dress

The creative team for the LITTLE BLACK DRESS features writer Danielle Trzcinski(SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody!), writer/music Natalie Tenenbaum (Tony-nominated
Mean Girls Broadway), writer Amanda Barker (Sirius XM’s Canada Laughs), and
writer/director Christopher Bond (DISENCHANTED, Evil Dead The Musical!). LITTLE BLACK DRESS follows the story of Dee (Trzcinski) and her best friend Mandy (Jennette Cronk) experiencing life through their little black dresses – first job interview, first date, first awkward sexual experience, second awkward sexual experience and more! Using hilarious improv, catchy songs, and a heartfelt story, LITTLE BLACK DRESS has made audiences across the globe laugh, cry, and party!

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