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Enter the new decade of the 20s by revisiting the Roaring Twenties of the Progressive Era! The Maverick Theater in Fullerton, Ca delivered another theatrical gem with their debut of the adapted stage version of the classic novel, The Great Gatsby. The Maverick Theater, hosting this show through March 14, is home to entertainment of all genres; reaching from horror to comedy, and now a great American Classic. The elements of the Novel are presented well, including critiques of the American Dream, prohibition, and the lost generation of WW1. The most impressive aspect of the show was the accurate embodiment of Fitzgerald’s rich dialogue through the main players. 

For folks who admire the Roaring Twenties, the experience is excitingly dapper. The clothes are as elegant as one would imagine the speak-easy culture to be, materialistic affairs are of the essence, and unconditional love is as elusive for Jay Gatsby as it has ever been for any hopeless romantic. The playwright, the award-winning Simon Levy, took Fitzgerald’s work and adapted it for a moving on-stage experience-which is the case at the Maverick Theater; the theater’s main director/producer Brian Newell did a phenomenal job in using his stage to capture the iconic era of jazz bands and flappers. The cast was all-around charming and dynamic, with standout performances by the Narrator Jaycob Hunter as Nick Carraway, Hailey Tweter as Daisy Buchanan-not to mention the epic heroics of Jason Paul Evans as Gatsby. The show is an all-around stimulating experience of the constant clash of economic classes, the constant pursuit of passionate love, and the surviving theme that one is incapable of repeating the past. 

Old money vs. New money, the battle for Daisy between Tom and Gatsby, Nick and Gatsby’s admirable friendship, and multiple fatal affairs; the storytelling is fascinating and intimate atop the Maverick theater’s stage. For tickets, visit:, and remember to support the local theaters!


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