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TEMBLORES is a deeply personal followup to director Jayro Bustamante’s landmark debut IXACNUL. The film which takes place in Guatemala City sets its sights on an individual caught between two seemingly irreconcilable worlds. When handsome and charismatic Pablo arrives at his affluent family’s house everyone is eagerly awaiting the return of their beloved son, devoted father and caring husband. A seemingly exemplary pillar of Guatemala City’s Evangelical Christian community, Pablo’s announcement that he intends to leave his wife for another man sends shock waves through the family. As Pablo tries to acclimate to his new life in the city’s gay subculture with the liberated Francisco, his ultra-religious family does everything in its power to get their prodigal son back on track, no matter the cost.

Jennifer Ortega spoke with Juan Pablo Olyslager who stars as Pablo in TEMBLORES. Juan Pablo was born in Guatemala City. He comes from a family of artists; painters, photographers, writers, and filmmakers. His great grand-father brought the first film projection system to Guatemala, back in the 1800s.

Juan Pablo began acting at a young age and he had to make it on his own due to a lack of support for artists in his home country. His acting preparation comes from many places, including London, Havana, Los Angeles, and New York. Juan Pablo is one of the most recognized Guatemalan actors, having a prolific career in film reaching many countries. He enjoys challenges, that’s why he filmed a movie, VIP, in a real-life Guatemalan prison, collaborating with dangerous inmates who acted in the movie as well. He has participated in theatre as well. During this past summer, Juan Pablo won the award at Outfest for Best Actor for his portrayal of Pablo in TEMBLORES.

TEMBLORES opens in select theaters and is available on VOD beginning Dec. 6th, 2019. To find out where TEMBLORES is playing near you CLICK HERE. 

Director: Jayro Bustamante 

Executive Producer: Gustavo Matheu

Producers: Gerard Lacroix, Marina Peralta, Georges Renand, Jayro Bustamante

Cinematography: Luis Armando Arteaga

Cast: Juan Pablo Olyslager, Diane Bathen, Maricio Armas

Running Time: 107 min

Release Date: 12/06/19



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