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Las Vegas musician, Cromm Fallon, recently played with his band the P200 at The Redwood Bar in Los Angeles promoting his new solo album “Electric Bloom”. The album is full of infectious beats and lyrics. His music is a brilliant mix of Garage, Britpop, and Psychedelia. Fallon definitely has music in his genes. His father, John Fallon, has been the lead vocalist and guitar for the Psych Rock band, The Steppes, since the 80s. Cromm and John actually have a band together called The Laissez Fairs. Muse TV & Culturally Obsessed’s Jennifer Ortega went to see Fallon play and got the chance to interview him. Click below to watch the interview.

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About “Electric Bloom”:

“Sharp, jagged, bright, explosive. Feel it, taste it, crank it, live it…ELECTRIC BLOOM. 

These 10 songs mark a beginning. 

From Downtown Las Vegas NV, Cromm Fallon emerges. 

The debut single & 7inch “Scars From You” received praise and adoration from Shindig! Magazine in England citing it – “Garage rock with a real attitude, very much in the style of The Unclaimed.” 

“The Next One”, a teaser track for the upcoming Cromm Fallon solo album, has me really looking forward to that particular release.” – Lord Rutledge, Faster And Louder 

Cromm Fallon’s second single “The Next One,” brought vocalist Darenda Weaver who is featured on the 2018 The Go! Team album Semicircle into the studio. 

The full album Electric Bloom features 10 original tracks ranging in influences from Garage Rock, Power-Pop, Shoegaze, Indie and Britpop.

Cromm Fallon: all vocals and instruments except 

Aaron Archer: drums 

Trueland Morrison: additional guitar tracks 2, 8 

Darenda Weaver: vocals track 6 

Joe Lawless: organ track 4 

Produced by John Fallon and Joe Lawless 


All songs by Cromm Fallon – Podgeman Melodies, BMI 

Dedicated to the memory of Alethia Prudence Unna-Sapien, who inspired this album to happen.



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