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In a MUSE TV & Culturally Obsessed exclusive, multi-platinum songwriter, producer, and singer Cimo Fränkel has just released the visual concept videos for his recently released EP, “Stay the Night”. Click the links below to check out the videos:

Cimo Fränkel has contributed to songs that have amassed close to one billion streams worldwide.  Last June, Cimo released his first solo project, an EP titled “Stay the Night.” These two videos are the first in a series of visual concept videos that will lead up to his new musical project this Fall.

Cimo’s songwriting and production credits include the global hit “Sex,” which was performed by Cheat Codes & Kris Kross Amsterdam, Yellow Claw’s “Shotgun”, Hardwell & Snoop Dogg’s “How You Love Me” collaboration, OMI’s “As Long As I’m With You”, and Lucas & Steve’s hit “Where Have You Gone”. He has also been featured on records with internationally acclaimed electronic artists including Armin van Buuren, Daddy’s Groove, EDX, and TW3LVE.

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Executive Producer | Film Nerd | Ultimate Valley Girl


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