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Breanna Hernandez is proof that one person can make a difference. This Southern California native is passionate about protecting the environment and protecting our oceans. Breanna is the founder of Breeze Clean Up and recently organized their second beach cleanup. To Breanna, it’s simple, “If you see something, pick it up.” Even on the fourth of July, Breanna spent the day rollerskating around her neighborhood picking trash. 

Breanna is in the process of organizing Breeze Clean Up’s next event to get rid of litter. One of the most rewarding outcomes of the beach cleanups is seeing how it inspires others. At the last cleanup, a little girl came up to Breanna with her dad and asked if she could help. In Breanna’s most recent Instagram post, someone in the midwest commented on how Breanna has inspired her to roller skate around her community and pick up litter. For more information on how you can help or get involved with Breeze Clean Up, message Breanna on her Instagram account @spiderfromarsss

Click below to see the most recent cleanup: 

(Shot & Edited by David Peralta

Breeze Clean Up Founder Breanna Hernandez from Jennifer Ortega on Vimeo.



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