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Senator Bernie Sanders makes a 50-minute stop at Blankspaces Larchmont to meet with ethnic media to talk about their concerns within the country. Senator Sanders is currently visiting the Los Angeles area campaigning for the 2020 Presidential election. 

When asked about his goals if he becomes President, “To put an end to climate divisiveness…that Trump is forming right now for cheap political purposes.” He added, “To bring people together Americans. To try and create a world that we can resolve international conflict through negotiations…where we are spending less money on weapons of mass destruction but more money on addressing human need.”

When asked about the immigration crisis in the country Senator Sanders answered, “Right now in this particular city we have young children living in unbelievable anxiety can you image a kid going to school today and not know his mom or dad will be there when he gets home from school? The first we got to do is to make it clear and this is what the American people want and I think we can do this with good leadership. Instead of demonizing people and creating all types of fear in the hearts of people, what we do is move forward with comprehensive immigration reform and a path towards citizenship for the 11 million people who are undocumented right now.”

Senator Bernie Sanders continues his Los Angeles tour making a stop in Santa Monica later this evening being interviewed by Chris Shiflett from the popular band, Foo Fighters. 



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