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Recently Culturally Obsessed’s Jennifer Ortega spoke with writer/director Michael Carnick and actors Sammi Rotibi, and John Berchtold about their new film THE FORBIDDEN WISH. The film stars Sammi Rotibi as Nate, an Ethiopian rabbi, and John Berchtold as Isaac, a troubled young man, and takes place over one evening in a synagogue. Watch the interview below:

SYNOPSIS: On the eve of Yom Kippur, an Ethiopian-born rabbi, “Nate” (Sammi Rotibi), is approached by a troubled young man, “Isaac” (John Berchtold). Isaac tells Nate that he wants to end his life, but before that, he wants Nate to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish for him. What transpires will test the limits of faith, compassion, and humanity. Ultimately, Isaac’s life is saved by the rabbi’s counsel and the limitless strength of what it means to be a part of a loving community.

Director Michael Carnick with DP Gabriel Carnick

Michael Carnick is a screenwriter and playwright from San Diego, California. Michael was born with a rare physical disability which confines him to an electric wheelchair. His work is often centered around the themes of disability awareness and sincere portrayals of being a minority. He often highlights disability, LGBTQ+, and race inequality using empathy and deep self-reflection of the united human spirit. Carnick continues with that dedication to providing audiences with visceral, raw, and unapologetically honest depictions of the human experience with THE FORBIDDEN WISH.

John Berchtold & Sammi Rotibi star in THE FORBIDDEN WISH

ABOUT THE PRODUCTION: From development to screen and beyond, this film was a labor of love completed by a team of filmmakers who proudly embody minority representation. This includes a disabled director, an all-female camera crew, and a female production team, many of whom also identify as LGBT.  This made for a wonderfully collaborative experience, with perspectives brought from an array of backgrounds. We are all incredibly excited to continue to build our careers together in this supportive environment.

Written & Directed By:   Michael Carnick
Produced By:    
Chelsea Fenton
Cinematography By:   
Gabriel Carnick
Edited By:    
Fernanda Schein
Sammi Rotibi & John Berchtold

THE FORBIDDEN WISH is currently available digitally at:…



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