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“The Fare” is set to hit limited cinemas and blue-ray on November 19th. The plot is as follows: “When a charming woman named Penny (Brinna Kelly) climbs into his taxi, Harris (Gino Anthony Pesi) finds himself entranced. That is, right up until she disappears from the back seat without a trace. As he desperately tries to make sense of what happened, he resets his meter and is instantly brought back to the moment she first climbed into his cab. He and Penny find themselves trapped in an endlessly looping ride that changes their lives forever.”

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The film, directed by D.C Hamilton, continuously puzzles the viewer while keeping them intrigued as to what is the cause of the re-occurring disappearance of Penny. The film speaks to how life is in constant motion, and one wrong turn will ironically have us begging for simplicity and order. What the film lacks in budget, it makes up for in creative and compelling scene play. Though the setting is in one cab on one road, “The Fare” team used this to their advantage to develop the characters of Harris and Penny, who eventually find themselves engaged in romance. The two ultimately have hope and plot a way to leave this twilight like zone of déjà vu. The film is anticipated to be on everybody’s Science-Fiction list.

Culturally Obsessed & Muse TV look forward to Epic Pictures releasing Hamilton’s The Fare direct-to-VOD/Blu-ray starting on November 19th this fall. 

Director: D.C. Hamilton Writer: Brinna Kelly Stars: Gino Anthony Pesi, Brinna Kelly, Jason Stuart


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