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Louise Linton’s directorial debut ME YOU MADNESS will be available for streaming on-demand in the US starting Feb. 12th. Linton also wrote the screenplay and stars in the film along with GOSSIP GIRL’S Ed Westwick. Linton plays Catherine Black, a cannibalistic serial killing hedge fund manager. Ed Westwick plays Tyler Jones, a petty thief looking for a room to rent.

Ed Westwick & Louise Linton star in ME YOU MADNESS
photo by Jessica Perez


Catherine Black (Louise Linton) is a brilliant, ruthless business executive who runs a top hedge fund in L.A. She lives a wealthy but ice-cold life and is a self-declared murderous psychopath. Enter Tyler Jones (Ed Westwick), a handsome young petty-thief and con man, arriving at her Malibu estate seeking “a room for rent” while naively unaware that he might be her next meal.

Romance blossoms amid glamorous action in this neon-tinged, self-aware erotic thriller riff from writer/director/star Louise Linton, driven by an 80s soundtrack.

Check out the trailer below:



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