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MUSE TV & Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes recently spoke with Legion M founders, Jeff Annison & Paul Scanlan. Legion M was founded by Paul and Jeff in 2016. Legion M is the world’s first entertainment studio that allows fans to invest in and be part of the creation of new movies, television shows, virtual reality, and other pieces of entertainment content. Scanlan and Annison were able to create Legion M after the SEC passed Title IV of the JOBS Act, which allowed non-accredited investors to make investments in small businesses. Fans can invest as little as $100 to own a piece of the company. Legion M partners with top Hollywood creators – from independent filmmakers to big Hollywood studios – to produce a slate of movies, TV, and digital content.

Some of Legion M’s projects include the following:

  • Save Yourselves  (2020) is a science-fiction comedy film directed by Eleanor Wilson and Alex Fischer. The film stars Sunita Mani and John Reynolds as a young couple from Brooklyn who travel to upstate New York and disconnect from everything, only to later discover the planet is under alien attack.
  • Archenemy (2020) is a film directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer. The film stars Joe Manganiello as Max Fist, who claims to be a superhero from another universe who finds himself on Earth and stripped of his powers.
  • Memory: The Origins of Alien (2019) is a documentary feature film that chronicles the making of the legendary science-fiction film Alien. The documentary is directed by Alexandre O. Philippe and was released in the summer of 2019, forty years after Alien first hit the big screen
  • Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019) is a comedy film directed by Kevin Smith and starring  Smith and Jay Mewes, who first appeared together on film in the comedy film Clerks (1994).
  • Mandy  (2018) is an action horror film directed by Panos Cosmatos that premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. It also showed at the Cannes Film Festival. The film stars Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough. 
  • Colossal (2016) is a black comedy monster movie directed by Nacho Vigalondo. The film, which stars Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Austin Stowell, and Tim Blake Nelson, tells the story of Gloria, an unemployed writer (played by Hathaway), who unwittingly causes a giant monster to wreak havoc halfway across the world.

Watch the interview below:

For more information on Legion M and how to join go to:



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