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The iconic American-made instrument brand, Gibson, has just announced that it will unveil a new era in guitar evolution at Winter NAMM 2020 in Anaheim, CA. Gibson CEO, James “JC” Curleigh, is focusing on celebrating an iconic past and legacy while leaning into the innovative future. Gibson has prioritized creating the best guitars by focusing on craftsmanship, authenticity, and quality. Gibson has also recently relocated Gibson’s Global Headquarters to the heart of downtown Nashville in the iconic Cummins Station building. The new HQ will enable Gibson to set the stage for an exciting future.  

“We are proud of what we have achieved over the past year and we are encouraged by the feedback from our fans, the support from our artists and the growing confidence from our dealer base,” says JC. “We are back in growth mode, but we know we have more work to do to realize the full potential across all of our brands. We are obsessed with guitars, so we will continue to focus on setting the best conditions for success going forward.”

JC, President and CEO of Gibson

Last year, the brand launched Gibson Gives, the front end of the Gibson Foundation whose overall mission is to make music matter to more people in more ways, one guitar at a time. “We have committed to donate 1,000 guitars over the next 1000 days and are already ahead, having donated 160 guitars in just four months,” adds JC. Gibson Gives played a lead role in supporting the ‘Do it for the Love’ Foundation, outfitted Maplewood High School in Nashville with multiple guitars for a music room (in partnership with Give A Note) and played it forward donating 48 guitars and 19,000 string sets to Guitars For Vets bringing the power of music to returning U.S. military veterans with PTSD. Gibson Gives is off to a solid start, with much more to come in 2020.

“We are very excited about our plans for 2020, which we will introduce next week at NAMM,” claims JC. “Gibson will go from strength to strength with brand new collections as well as a focus on the successful Original and Modern Collections. Epiphone will be reintroduced as the most authentic and accessible guitar brand, inspired by Gibson and made for every stage. And Kramer will re-emerge as the iconic rockers’ guitar brand made to rock hard!”  

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