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Highly sought-after streetwear line, Death Saves has just released their Spring collection. Death Saves was founded in 2018 by actor Joe Manganiello with Damian Higgins aka Dieselboy as the brand’s creative director. Death Saves’ aesthetic is inspired by growing up in the 80s, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and listening to Heavy Metal. Since it’s inception, Death Saves has gained quite a following becoming a sought-after attraction at San Diego Comic-Con.

As the brand puts it, “we grew up in the 80s. We played Dungeons & Dragons with our friends in dim basements. We battled monsters in our imaginations. We sought out dense game manuals that were as arcane as ancient spellbooks. We pored over savage and brutal fantasy illustrations that set our adolescent brains on fire. We endured book burnings and witch-hunts from a myopic public that deemed role-playing games to be occult and evil. And we loved it…all of it. It galvanized us as a group and as a result, we come from a place of the deepest respect for that era and those aesthetics. We are here to channel our vivid nostalgia and lifelong passions for fantasy & sci-fi through the mediums of metal art, illustration, typography, and the subversive culture that grew out of them. We Wish to summon those same emotions we felt when we saw our first Frazetta painting, blue ink module map, or the cover of Deities and Demigods. We are dedicated to bearing a blazing torch of homage for the pioneers of the vintage gaming, artwork, and spirit we grew up with while finding new and fresh ways to provoke the imaginations of the next generation of gamers.” 

The Spring 2020 collection includes the Dungeons & Dragons DEATH SAVES RULES JAPANESE shirt perfectly translated in silver metallic Japanese type, TOTAL PARTY KILL CAMOUFLAGE in hot orange, PALADIN SWORDS UNDERDARK in eye-popping blacklight, SWORDSMAN short-sleeved tees in heavy metal BLACK and military SAGE, for the impending summer weather, SMOKING SKULL tanks in RED and WHITE, Dungeons & Dragons BEHOLDER REDUX PURPLE long-sleeved tees in subtle black and teal, the super-popular OCCULT ELECTRONICS tee in a new sinister POISON colorway, and last but certainly not least their take on the classic hot rod/mechanic tee – DEATH SAVES KUSTOMS! This brand new design comes in both white on black & full-color variations featuring their classic Deathknight rendered in the hot rod style of 60s car art legend Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

All of these and more are available now at DEATH-SAVES.COM

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