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New Teaser Trailer for Disney’s Mulan Released!

The new teaser trailer and poster for Disney’s “Mulan” are here! The epic tale of a fearless young woman who risks everything out of love

Road Head

Exclusive Set Visit and Interviews with the Cast of Upcoming Horror Flick ‘Road Head’

Culturally Obsessed and Muse TV were recently invited to visit the set of David Del Rio’s new horror film, Road Head. The film just finished

Katie Says Goodbye

Review & Interview: Katie Says Goodbye

At the surface, Katie Says Goodbye is about bad luck in the far outskirts of a small forgotten town. But Wayne Roberts, who both wrote

producer roxanne avent

Interview: Producer, Film Executive & Philanthropist Roxanne Avent

I first met Roxanne Avent last year during a media junket for the film Traffik. It was a film that helped spread awareness on sex

Lexical Gap Poster Purity is a Myth

Purity is a Myth!

In February I attended the premiere for a punk rock musical short, ‘Lexical Gap.’ The film was screened at one of my favorite Los Angeles


INTERVIEW: James Gallanders (Bride of Chucky) talks about his new film Project Ithaca

Recently Culturally Obsessed’s Jennifer Ortega spoke with James Gallanders about his new Sci-Fi Thriller Project Ithaca. James: Hi Jennifer, I’m great. How are you? Jennifer:

Alexandra Barreto

Alexandra Barreto’s ‘Lady Hater’ cleverly challenges our ideas about beauty.

Jennifer Ortega: I love your film because it’s so clever and humorous, but it’s also tackling a very real conversation that we should be having.