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The official trailer and posters for HOUSE OF CARDIN just debuted. The acclaimed documentary from husband directing duo P. David Ebersole & Todd Hughes (Room 237Mansfield 66/67Dear MomLove Cher) chronicles the incredible rise of 97 year-old French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, the figure behind the legendary brand. Naomi Campbell, Sharon Stone and Dionne Warwick are all featured in the film alongside many others including Jean-Paul Gaultier, who was discovered by Cardin himself.  

HOUSE OF CARDIN is releasing in late August with a digital and on-demand release on September 15th to coincide with New York Fashion Week. HOUSE OF CARDIN made its World Premiere at the Venice Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Queer Lion Award.  It went on to win the Lifetime Achievement, Best Fashion Feature Film, and Best Director of a Feature Fashion Film Awards at the Cinemoi Cinefashion Film Awards, and was also nominated for the Gold Q-Hugo Award at the Chicago International Film Festival.


Millions know the iconic logo and ubiquitous signature but few know the man behind the larger than life label.  HOUSE OF CARDIN is a rare peek into the mind of a genius, an authorized feature documentary chronicling the life and design of Cardin. A true original, Mr. Cardin has granted the directors exclusive access to his archives and his empire, and unprecedented interviews at the sunset of a glorious career.

Directed by | P. David Ebersole & Todd Hughes

Featuring | Pierre Cardin, Naomi Campbell, Sharon Stone, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dionne Warwick, Philippe Starck and many other notables in the fashion industry

Produced by | P. David Ebersole, Todd Hughes, Cori Coppola

Runtime | 98 Minutes

Distribution | Utopia



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