Director Peter Lee tapped into spiritual meanings in this coming of age New York love-story, “Angelfish.” An Angelfish is symbolic of courage in the face of adversity, and that’s just what our two main characters embodied. On one end, Jimi Stanton who plays Brendan is the leader of a broken family that includes a crime-ridden younger brother and a mother who drinks as though she is sneaking back the days of her youth. Stanton’s performance was nothing short of stoic in this film. He played a young man that was brave and indifferent during chaotic family situations. That courage proved to be inspiring to girlfriend Eva, Destiny Frasqueri, more famously known, as Princess Nokia. 

Jimi Stanton and Princess Nokia in Angelfish (2019)

Princess Nokia is a budding New York-based rapper who champions her Puerto Rican heritage through her music, fashion, and activism. She also served as an executive producer on the film. It’s no surprise when Lee remarked that he “couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Eva”, for Eva is a young puertorriqueña living in the Big Apple. This lyricist was within her element, she had lived this script first-hand. Eva faces immense family obligations with the added pressure of becoming a first-generation college student, she is reluctant to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. To the liking of the dreamers of the world, this film has an encouraging spirit to it, it is displaying courage in tough situations while maintaining one’s grace under pressure. It’s authentically nostalgic. With the story taking place sometime in the 90s, there’s zero cellular use and that evidently creates engaging character dialogue in which interactions are much more interpersonal. 

Watch “Angel FIsh”: HERE



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