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Paradise Hills is a Tantalizing Modern Parable Wrapped in a Dreamlike Haze of Chiffon & Roses

Spanish filmmaker Alice Waddington makes her grandiose feature debut with the new sci-fi thriller Paradise Hills opening on October 25, 2019. The dystopian modern fairy

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FREAKS: Review & Interviews with Cast & Directors of new Sci-Fi Thriller

MUSE TV & Culturally Obsessed’s Jennifer Ortega recently interviewed the cast and directors of the new sci-fi thriller, “Freaks.” “Freaks” will be released in theaters


INTERVIEW: James Gallanders (Bride of Chucky) talks about his new film Project Ithaca

Recently Culturally Obsessed’s Jennifer Ortega spoke with James Gallanders about his new Sci-Fi Thriller Project Ithaca. James: Hi Jennifer, I’m great. How are you? Jennifer: